Medicaid Redetermination

Talk to your patients about annual Medicaid eligibility renewal.

Delaware has reconvened the Medicaid redetermination process as of April 1, 2023. Medicaid members will need to take action or they risk losing their Medicaid coverage.

Let your patients know:

  1. They should be encouraged to immediately verify their contact information by logging into their Delaware ASSIST account or calling the Change Report Center at 1-302-571-4900.

  2. In the future, they should receive a letter or email from the State of Delaware explaining if they need to renew their Medicaid eligibility and what steps need to be taken to do so. Failure to verify eligibility may result in their coverage being canceled.

  3. If their eligibility is confirmed, they can continue their existing coverage. If they are no longer eligible for Medicaid, they can explore Marketplace and Medicare options.

Download our Medicaid Redetermination flyer (PDF) for more information.