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Long-Term Services and Supports

At Delaware First Health, we’re here to support you with Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS). It’s a Medicaid waiver program for those who need a more hands-on, nimble, and custom care plan. With LTSS, we’re giving our members more control over their health and the care they receive.


Every year, millions of Medicaid enrollees of all ages use and rely on LTSS, from meal delivery to self-directed services.

The Value of LTSS

Here are some of the ways LTSS takes care of members:

Note: These benefits and services vary based on plans and your health assessment.

Qualifying for Medicaid:

Go to Delaware Assist Portal to apply for Medicaid and/or Long Term Care Medicaid to learn more.

Selecting a MCO

If you receive a letter from Division of Social Services or Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance telling you are eligible for Medicaid, you should follow the instructions in the letter.

To select your Managed Care Organization, call the Health Benefits Manager at 1-800-996-9969 to make your choice.

If you selected Delaware First Health

You’ll receive your ID card and welcome packet in the mail

You can Create an account to use our member portal

If you have questions about your benefits, contact 1-877-236-1341 (TTY:711)

Using Your Plan

Once you’re approved and enrolled in your plan you will:

  • Get a welcome call to talk about your care needs.
  • Go through a health assessment to help build your plan.
  • Get access to all your benefits.
  • Feel more confident and comfortable with your care.


Caregiver Resources

We know how hard it can be to be a caregiver. That’s why we have a care team dedicated to making your life a little bit easier. From educational resources to support groups to a customized care plan, our team is here to answer your questions and help you every step of the way. View more caregiver resources.



Member Services: 1-877-236-1341 (TTY: 711)
Available 8 am to 7 pm

Nurse Advice Line: 1-877-236-1341 (TTY: 711)
Call our free 24/7 nurse advice line for help with your health-related problems or questions.